søndag, april 29, 2007

.NET Remoting Removed from Sitecore

Some time ago I blogged about how Sitecore would include .NET Remoting, a feature that would make Sitecore more scalable and flexible.

Introducing Remoting support was a fundament for creating integration to Sitecore from applications that would not be hosted on the same process as the CMS – a scenario that is very likely in the enterprise. It would also open up the possibility of creating custom tools that could be run from any machine not running Sitecore, even supporting the creation of a Windows Power Shell client.

In essence, the only big different was the all classes in Sitecore.Kernel ultimately would implement MarshallByRefObject something that does not have any impact on the performance of the system, the rest was configuration. It means that supporting .NET Remoting is nearly effortless and free, whereas the benefits are great and powerful.

I just realized, to my great surprise, that none of the classes that used to implement MarshallByRefObject during the Beta period of Sitecore 5.3 still do.
I simply do not understand why Sitecore made this change, and would love to hear their input on this.

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Anonym sagde ...

Hey Runi

Well, it is the old story - we simply do not have the resources to support remoting (yet). You know better than me how to implement remoting, but we were afraid that keeping the remoting code would introduce (very hard to find) bugs. That is why we removed it.

Implemting remoting would have been a sizable task for us. In the beta only a very few classes supported remoting and we would have to walk through the entire API to make the rest remotable. When (and if) we got the code to support remoting, it would have to go through testing, supporting and documentation.

To make a long story short, it got cut because of lack of resources.



Runi Thomsen sagde ...

Yes, I know the budget song, been there done that 
I cannot comment on how we introduced Remoting in Sitecore, because of my former employment – but what I can say, is that I am sorry that this feature didn’t make it. Not because .NET Remoting is that brilliant as such, but I really believe that it could take Sitecore to the next level.
Oh well, I hope that you Sitecore developers will start posting more entries on your blogs. What you are working on ect.